Services and Cost

I am passionate about the services I offer and I wish to be transparent about payment options so that our working together is as seamless as possible.

Insurance: To better understand what your insurance carrier covers for psychotherapy services, please call your insurance company before scheduling an appointment or consultation. I am an in-network provider for many Kansas insurances, please take time to confirm with your provider my status.

Please be aware that when requesting insurance reimbursement, the following apply:

  • 1. A diagnosis is required, and this label will be part of your medical record permanently.

  • 2. Clients' records are not protected, which means that all information about the client, including very personal information, may be obtained by the insurance company.

  • 3. Clients' care is dictated by the insurance company, and the therapist essentially works for the insurance company, not the client. This can compromise the quality of mental health services provided.

For these reasons, many clients prefer to use out-of-network benefits. This is option is only available for clients whose insurance agency I am not credentialed with. Out-of-network insurance benefits means that insurance agencies are very limited in the information they can request about clients. Also, clinicians are better able to meet clients’ needs, instead of working for the insurance company! To better understand what your insurance carrier might reimburse for out-of-network psychotherapy services, call your insurance company before scheduling an appointment or consultation.

You may want to ask your insurance carrier the following:

  • What do they reimburse for out-of-network psychotherapy services for the following CPT codes: 90791, 90834, 90837. Your insurance company will understand what a “CPT code” is, and whether they reimburse for these specific codes.

  • Is there a maximum number of psychotherapy sessions they will reimburse?

  • Will the insurance company reimburse the following diagnoses (which are common for my clients to have): PTSD, anxiety disorders, depression, adjustment disorder, substance use disorder, and acute stress disorder. While some clients may have additional diagnoses, these are the most common ones used in my practice, and it is helpful to know ahead of time if the insurance company will be willing to reimburse for the ICD-10 codes attached to these diagnoses.

  • If the insurance reimburses a percentage of the cost, what is that percentage, and what is the maximum total cost per session they are allowing? It is important to understand both the reimbursement percentage and the maximum per-session rate allowed.

Cash: If you wish to bypass insurance altogether, please see my price range below.


Talk Therapy

Individual and Couples


Individual: This is a process of taking ownership for the outcomes in your life and reclaiming your story. Together, we'll uncover the source of your counterproductive patterns. You will find trauma resolution, release shame, guilt, insecurity, explore family of origin/ancestral wounds, process grief, identify defenses, and resolve relational/emotional patterns. From our work together, you will build a solid foundation of proven psychological and spiritual strategies you can rely on.

Couples: This experience is designed to help you work through relationship concerns and create emotional closeness. I work to help each couple understand their emotional needs, how to meet each other’s needs, and learn tools to negotiate differences, problem solve and work through conflict in a healthier way to gain and maintain a deeper level of intimacy and connection.


Individual Yoga: This time is dedicated toward exploring postures, breath work, and mindfulness; includes an assessment to establish a practical and realistic daily routine. Together we explore how you can utilize Yoga for mood management where you will utilize an evidence-based practice to ease both depression and anxiety. You will learn Yoga practices supported by current research in psycho-neurobiology to help clear away the constricting beliefs that may be keeping you from knowing and expressing your authenticity.

Partner Yoga: An integrated approach for couples who desire to find deeper connection, greater awareness and understanding, and more meaningful communication. A safe container for couples to explore the space of acceptance and the love they occupy.


Yoga therapy

Individual and Couples